Friday, September 21, 2007

Workshops For October 2007

Location/Date (October 2007)/Course Title
Marine Parade CC 11/10/2007 Hot Favourites Menu 5
Cairnhill CC 05/10/2007 Italian Pasta Workshop Menu 2
Cairnhill CC 06/10/2007 Japanese Cuisine Workshop 5
Cairnhill CC 06/10/2007 The Ratatouille Workshop
Toa Payoh Central CC 09/10/2007 Japanese Cuisine Workshop Menu 5
Civil Service Club 10/10/2007 Hot Favourites Menu 5
Ulu Pandan CC 11/10/2007 Hot Favourites Menu 5
Serangoon CC 19/10/2007 Xmas Pastry Workshop 1
Siglap CC 20/10/2007 Xmas Roast Pork Workshop Menu 4
Siglap CC 20/10/2007 Japanese Cuisine Workshop Menu 5
Serangoon CC 23/10/2007 Hot Favourites Menu 5
Civil Service Club 24/10/2007 Xmas Roast Turkey Workshop 1
Marine Parade CC 25/10/2007 Vietnamese Cuisine Workshop 3
Cairnhill CC 26/10/2007 Xmas Workshop Whole Fish Fillet Menu 1
Cairnhill CC 27/10/2007 Xmas Roast Turkey Workshop 4
Cairnhill CC 27/10/2007 Xmas Pastry Workshop 1
Toa Payoh Central CC 30/10/2007 Xmas Roast Turkey Workshop Menu 1
Cairnhill CC 31/10/2007 Xmas Roast Turkey Workshop Menu 1
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Workshops Menus:
Xmas Roast Turkey Workshop Menu 4 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs

Herb Roasted Turkey with Spicy Sausage Stuffing, Fresh Tomato Salsa
Nothing beats to have made your own turkey for Christmas this year. Start the festive season with a deliciously home made roasted turkey and a Spanish inspired spicy sausage stuffing. A fresh tomato salsa helps to refresh the palates.
Warm Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin and Walnuts Salad
Designed to compliment the above roast, this is a great salad that fills, thrills and nothing against your will. Chunks of sweet potatoes and pumpkins are roasted till slightly caramelized and toss with a mustard mayonnaise dressing supplemented with walnuts and spring onions
Mango and Rum Parfait
A great chilled dessert that can be prepared ahead and served a la minute with a topping of rum marinated fresh mangoes with a quick flambé if desired for an extra measure of excitement!

Xmas Roast Turkey Workshop Menu 1 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs

Roast Turkey with Orange Cranberry Marmalade
Tired of the using boring and dry turkey? Let Chef Yong guide you on how to slow roast a turkey to perfection. Besides the usual roast gravy, checkout the wonderful orange cranberry marmalade
Traditional Stuffing with Gravy
A smoked ham, mushrooms and peppercorn flavoured stuffing that is not just good with turkey, but absolutely wonderful for breakfast the next morning!
Rosemary and Garlic Potatoes With Red Wine Vinegar
The perfect way to accompany your Christmas roasts. Red or Yellow skin potatoes are ideal
with rosemary and garlic. Add a splash of vinegar for more flavour!

Xmas Roast Pork Workshop Menu 4 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs
Corn, Bacon and Porcini Mushroom Chowder
A great soup full of chunky ingredients and lovely flavours of smoked bacon, freshly shucked corn and dried porcinis for that earth taste. Wonderfully good for kids too as they would appreciate the taste of bacon and sweetness of corn.
Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Balsamic Soy Glaze
An entire strip of pork belly marinated with spices and slow roasted to tenderness and a crackling skin. With a slight hint of Asian flavours, this makes it more appealing for all generations in the family and any leftovers can simply be stuffed into a mantou for the next morning’s breakfast
Baked Potatoes Casserole with Spicy Sausages
A potato ratatouille perfumed with spicy sausages and bell pepper, lightly baked with cheese and baked to perfection. The baked potato casserole an be also eaten as a meal on its own without the above roast.

Xmas Pastry Workshop with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs
Quick and Easy Bavarian Black Forest Cake
A classic German Torte with layers of brandy soaked chocolate sponge, fresh whipped cream, marinated cherries and bitter chocolate shavings.
Xmas Brandy Flavoured Fruit Cake
A freshly baked fruit cake topped with marinated dried fruits in a liquor and spiced flavoured batter. One of the best ideas for taking to parties as this cake is relatively stable in our tropical weather with refrigeration.
Chilled Blueberry Trifle
A great individual chilled dessert for all sit down dinners, easy to prepare and serve and is time saving too. This is also a kids delight as proven in the many parties I have done with friends. To make it adult themed, just add in the rum and flambé if u like!

The Ratatouille Workshop with Chef Yong @ Cairnhill CC Kitchen Studio

Ratatouille Ala Provence
Most of U have seen the animated version in the cinemas, now its time to catch the real thing. This comforting peasant style vegetable dish sends comfort to many French especially those who stay or have been to Provence in South of France. Originating from the city of Nice where Chef Yong spent five and half years honing his skills from local chefs whenever he steps ashore, it will presented in the same style of cooking and plating as you have watched in the movie. Coincidentally the Chef is also born in the year of the Rat!!
Provencal Grilled Chicken with Rosemary, Lemon and Aioli
To compliment the above Ratatouille, Chef Yong pairs it with a delicious tendon juicy grilled chicken leg, served with Aioli or freshly roasted garlic infused mayonnaise.
Poached Pears in Red Wine with Vanilla Ice Cream and Pistachios
Pears poached in red wine with spices, served with vanilla ice cream and roasted pistachios. Its a great dessert to serve and a great way to clear any leftover red wine used for cooking or merry making purposes.

Japanese Cuisine Workshop 5 with Chef Yong @ the PA CCs

Japanese Style Bacon and Spinach Baked Rice
Oozing creamy bites of sautéed bacon with fresh shitake mushrooms and spinach in a dashi flavoured rice gratinated with mozzarella cheese.
Skewers of soy marinated chicken and Japanese Scallions grilled to perfection with juicy sensations. A dash of sichimi togarashi (Japanese seven spice powder) elevates the taste profile to a new level of appreciation.
Crepes with Mango and Vanilla Lime Ice Cream
A delicious parcel filled with mango and caramel sauce topped with creamy vanilla lime ice cream. Very addictive, very seductive!

Hot Favourites 5 with Chef Yong @ the PA CCs

Garlic Peppered Prawns with Vanilla Balsamic Drizzle
One of Chef Yong’s specialties that marries lightly battered prawns sautéed with garlic and pepper and a touch of vanilla balsamic syrup. Great as a tapas dish or something to start with for dinner menus.
Fish Fillet with Sicilian Style Stew Tomatoes and Pine Nuts
A delicate stew of fresh dory fillets with a light brothy sauce of tomatoes, pine nuts and a touch of white wine. A generous sprinkling of fresh basil livens up the dish with a side accompaniment of roast potatoes.
Pears with Almond and Honey Greek Yoghurt
Poached pears with Greek yoghurt and mint, soothed with honey and crunchy almond flakes, a sweet indulgence with pleasant textures and refreshing notes.

Vietnamese Cuisine Workshop 3 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs (Refer to previous blog for pics)
Caramelised Prawns with Salad and Fresh Herbs
The recipe was inspired by one of America’s most successful Vietnamese born architect –turned Chef, Charles Phan who is the Chef owner of *The Slanted Door Restaurant in San Francisco. Plump juicy shrimps with a soy caramel glaze; serve on a bed of salad greens and fresh basil and coriander leaves. A fantastic starter for a planned dinner menu or just simply served with plain steamed rice.
Crispy Fish Fillet with Tamarind Sauce
I tried this dish in Ho Chi Minh City and my Vietnamese Chef friend was kind enough to share the recipe with me when he was invited to our Lion City as a guest chef. A wonderful sauce made with tamarind paste, lemon grass, ginger and chillies, it is simply fantastic with most seafood recipes.
Rice Soup with Minced Pork and Mushrooms
Often regarded as an alternative comfort food to Soup Pho, a simple rice soup can be served in a big way with refreshing herbs, enhanced by high quality fish sauce and fragrant aromatics like garlic oil and pickles. Perfect way to start or end the day.
Italian Pasta 2 Workshop Featuring:

Spaghetti Pasta with Bacon, Mushrooms in WhiteWine Sauce
Looking for a healthy alternative? Why not check out this light pasta dish made wit, bacon fruity olive oil, white wine and flavoured with fresh herbs!!
Lasagne Al Forno
Watch how Chef Yong demonstrates the best way to cook a hearty bolognese sauce to complement noodle or baked pasta. Learn how to make a simple yet healthy lasagne without much fuss.
Fettucine Pasta with Alfredo Sauce
An Northern Italian classic pasta recipe made with fresh chicken, green peas, Parmesan Cheese and finish with cream.