Sunday, November 6, 2011

Chef Eric Low''s Galley Has Moved!!

After a year in the Upper Thomson area, we have decided to uproot again as rental prices were getting out of hand and no value added amenities were available in this part of the area. Our move to the Marsiling area might seem to some here as further than before, but honestly how big is Singapore? Besides this new location we are in now has the MRT within a 300m walking distance and multiple trunk services with a 5min ride to Woodlands Interchange, Causeway Point, great selection of supermarkets and a bakery supplies specialist in front of the house across the road and a mere 10mins drive to industrial retail gourmet purveyors like Wang Foong Deli and Charcutiere Products, Fassler Salmon and Seafood Specialists, Fragrance Foodstuffs and Indoguna in Senoko Crescent!!

We have also re-designed out workshop concepts and prices to compliment greater accessibility to the growing number of fans of our workshops and creative recipes.