Saturday, July 28, 2012

Epicurean Gourmet Delights Menu 22

Dates and Schedules:
27th October 2012 Bouna Vista CC 1400hrs-1630hrs
How to register:
  1. Website:
  2. Search the respective CC of your choice.
  3. Click “courses” search via calendar and look for class based on the above time table.
  4. Check that menu written on Remarks column is the same as this brochure
  5. Make registration from there with confirmation through payment via credit card.
Registration Via Any CC nearest to you:

  1. Over the counter, quote the CC of your choice, date of workshop and course code number to the customer service officer. Payment must be done immediately upon registration or transaction will be void.
**Please always check and bring your printed receipt on the day of workshop in case of any discrepancies that may arise. Only valid receipts will be accepted by CCs.