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Workshops Schedule for July 2007

Location /Date ( July) /Course Title
Siglap CC 01/07/2007 Special Demo Menu for Open House
Marine Parade CC 05/07/2007 Steak Chops and More Workshop Menu 4
Toa Payoh Central CC 06/07/2007 Steak Chops and More Workshop Menu 4
Toa Payoh Central CC 07/07/2007 Italian Cuisine Workshop Menu 2
Cairnhill CC 14/07/07 Italian Cuisine Workshop Menu 5
Toa Payoh Central CC 17/07/07 Chef Yong Personal Favourites Menu 4
Marine Parade CC 19/07/07 Italian Cuisine Workshop Menu 5
Serangoon CC 20/07/07 Steak Chops and More Workshop Menu 1
Toa Payoh Central CC 21/07/07 Chef Yong Personal Favourites Menu 1
Ulu Pandan CC 21/07/07 Chef Yong Personal Favourites Menu 4
Civil Service Club 25/07/07 Steak and Chops Menu 1
Cairnhill CC 27/07/07 Italian Pasta Workshop Menu 1
Cairnhill CC 28/07/07 Chef Yong Personal Favourites Menu 4
Cairnhill CC 28/07/07 Epicurean Workshop Menu 3

Chef Yong’s Personal Favourites Recipes Workshop 4 @ The PA CCs
Beef Rendang
Tender chunks of beef with fragrant spices and cooked with rich coconut milk.
A great stew that it taste better when kept longer so make more and make it early to allow flavours to develop to the fullest!

Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken Patties with Calamansi Pickled Onions
Home cooked dish created by a very innovative Indonesian friend who in turn learnt from his maid. Simple chunks of chicken patties with fragrant lemon grass and other spices, topped with calamansi pickled onions.
Nasi Goreng Belachan Istimewa
Indonesian style fried rice with chili paste and shrimps , cook to a spectacular fragrance, served with fresh belinjo chips and keropok.

Italian Cuisine Workshop 5 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs
Zucchini and Calamari Fritters with Cold Tomato Coulis
A delightful starter that has hot and cold sensations of crispy calamari and zucchini with a freshly home made tomato coulis. Be enticed to go for a second round!!
Pork Escalope with Marsala Wine Sauce
Tender Pork Loin with a Marsala Wine Reduction and sautéed mushrooms. This is a great recipe that is easy to make and any left over marsala wine can be used in tiramisu or served with coffee.
Fettucine with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pine Nut Sauce
A light healthy olive oil based pasta recipe that can be served either warm or cold. Ideally serve with some fresh grated parmesan cheese and fresh chopped parsley.

Steak and Chops and More 4 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs
Beyond the scope of Western food as we know in Singapore from hawker centres and food courts, Chef Yong shares many other steaks, meat chops and side dishes ideas in this popular series of workshops that are designed to educate and for you to experience with. Not to be missed especially for meat lovers.
Asparagus Soup with Fresh Parmesan and Croutons
A widely appreciated seasonal vegetable, asparagus has natural affinity for shaved Parmesan Cheese and all things salty due to its natural sweetness. As a soup, it compliments well with many different garnishes and can be appreciated either cold or hot.
Parmesan & Herb Crusted Chicken Chop with Romesco Sauce
Tender boneless leg meat is marinated with mustard and garlic, dusted with Parmesan and fresh herbs flavoured flour mix and deep fried to a nice golden brown. A wonderful smoked peppers flavoured Romesco Sauce elevates the palate sensations a new level of pleasure and discovery.
Smoked Salmon and Leeks Risotto
Short grain rice cooked with stock and cream to a lovely rich comforting texture before being infused with diced pieces of smoked salmon and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese and fresh dill.

Chef Yong Personal Favourites Recipe Workshop 1 @ the PA CCs
Due to popular requests and a culinary repertoire built over 17 years of cooking experience both in local and international working stints, Chef Yong brings to you a collection of his personal favourite recipes garnered from past experiences and family heritage.
Mum’s Curry Chicken Recipe
From the Chef’s mother’s kitchen comes an enhanced recipe that has “wow!” many important business and Hollywood celebrities, this fragrant version of our local curry chicken has been cooked from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, US and even in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tauhu Telor with Home Made Kicap Manis
Essentially a simple tofu and omelette dish with a flavourful self invented home made kicap manis recipe. That means the sauce cannot be bought else where but only be taught. Check it out! I always cook this as my comfort food when I miss home during the time overseas.
Punggol Style Seafood Mee Goreng
Memories of childhood experiences with my family on catching an hour and half ride on Bus no 82 or 83 from town to the end of Punggol just to have seafood @ the Old Choon Seng Restaurant. Chubby bubbly Chef Ah Lek helmed at the kitchen then and this recipe represents one of his best creations.

Steak, Chops and More Workshop 1 with Chef Yong @ The PA CCs
In these series of workshops, the focus is on cooking chops and steaks from different types of meat. While you may be using similar cuts of meat for each round, Chef Yong introduces different sauces and toppings plus delicious side dishes to help you plan a menu for your cookout at home
Pork Chops with gravy ala Hainanese Ah Kor style
Remember how our enterprising Hainanese Ah Kors's would set up stalls selling their own little version of Western Style pork chops using British influenced sauces after years of working in Raffles Hotel and The Singapore Cricket Club? Check out how to make these sauces from Chef Yong whose mentor is one of Singapore's most famous Hainanese Chefs!
Baked Potato Skins
A perfect starter or snack for your nextcocktail party. Learn how to choose the right type of potatoes for this recipe and the varieties of toppings and fillings that
can be used.
Chunky Boston Clam Chowder
A heart warming soup made from Fresh Clams, enhanced with white wine and winter root vegetables.

Epicurean Delights Workshop 3 with Chef Yong @ Cairnhill CC Kitchen Studio
A Gourmet Adventure inspired series of epicurean delights featuring premium recipes by Chef Yong garnered from years of serving State Dignitaries and Hollywood Celebrities in Europe and America. Fine cooking need not be complicated or difficult but rather can a great experience to be your own gourmet chef when you entertain the next round. Learn a tip or two from Chef Yong on Food and Wine Pairing too! Come to see and experience new tastes and sensations! daring combination of succulent prawns in a crispy batter toss with brandy laden mayo and topped with a mind blowing spicy mango and tomato salsa. Fresh coriander leaves provide a breath refresher.
Tempura Prawns with XO Mayo and Mango Tomato Salsa
A daring combination of succulent prawns in a crispy batter toss with brandy laden mayo and topped with a mind blowing spicy mango and tomato salsa. Fresh coriander leaves provide a breath refresher.
Guinness Stout Ribs with Green Apple and Red Cabbage Salad
Another round of alcohol flavoured recipe with Guinness providing flavour and character to the meaty pork ribs, the green apple salad helps in alternating between the sensations of sweet and sour.
Porcini and Seafood Risotto
A mix of shrimps, crabmeat and scallops with dried ceps mushrooms (porcini) cooked in its own stock with short grain rice. Grated Parmesan Cheese provide familiarity and a dash of truffle oil propels the sensation to a new high.

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