Sunday, September 7, 2008

True Essence of Learning

On Teachers Day (1st September) last week, in the 5.5 years that I have been doing these workshops, I recieved for the first time a complimentary email with appreciation from a participant who regarded me as a teacher that has made a big turnaround for her life. She has validated my efforts to pass on skills and knowledge to as many people as I can so that culinary arts and food will have a greater meaning in your lives.

I am grateful and must also not forget those who have in the past years written complimentary emails after each workshop, some of which have been posted here on the sidebars of the blog. But this special letter deserves a special mention from me not about myself but about this lady who wrote in. In her email below, she has clearly demonstrated the true essence of learning and in the process of attending the workshops, haveing also benifited from a great deal of knowledge and education about food that has help to turn her life around in a positive way. Hence I would like share it with all here so that the next time you come for future classes, you too can be inspired to learn more and add value to your time spent with greater sucess by practising your cooking skills at leisure.

Learning is process that should not be restricted by fear and similarity. These two factors are the biggest obstacles to the growth of your knowledge and skills, a great chef from the US once have ever told me during my time in CIA. "Treading in unchartered waters expands your horizon further and builds up a higher level of self confidence for future challenges". These were also the words from another great chef whom that I have work with, left behind when we parted ways.
Below is the extract from the email of the studen that I mentioned above:

Dearest Chef

I can’t go on attending your classes, without letting you know how it has affected my life. When it comes to cooking, I'm great.... at nothing. I’ll be migrating to Perth next year to take care of my children and the thought cooking only instant noodles and canned food for them really makes me miserable. I’m ever so grateful for your decision to teach and pass on your great skills, knowledge and recipes. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that you’ve transformed your students to a better woman, daughter, wife, mom, neighbour. The joy of preparing a scrumptious meal for our loved ones, and being rewarded with the same joy and love from those eating them… priceless… and all the credit goes to you, Chef ! My husband now looks at me with open admiration after tasting the dishes I’ve learnt from you. This ‘handicapped’ feeling I once had, is now replaced with exhilaration and completeness. Someone said : ‘There’s one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won't, and that's a wife who can't cook and will.’ Finally, I’ve upgraded to the previous kind. Thank you once again for sharing your amazing talent with us, Chef !

May God keep you healthy and strong and bless you richly in all areas of your life !
Gratefully yours,
Julia Ling
Via email on 1st September 2008

I am sure she is not alone here and I know quite a number of you people reading this blog here are on the same track with her, Congratulations too! and I will certainly continue to put out interesting recipes to share with all here in the network for the future workshops.

Chef Eric Low