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Culinary Workshops for Mar 2009

Dear Workshop Frens,

Following a month hiatus of cooking workshops in February, it is time to join us again from March to May 2009 as we bring to you a series of new workshops and repeats of the past years’ favourites for those who have missed them as well as new participants who have joined us from 2008. Are you ready?

If u had gone through Xmas 2008 Festive Menus and CNY 2009 Festive Menus with me, I am sure many of you here have had the chance to learn new ideas, culinary techniques and experience new ingredients. Same can be expected from the up coming workshops again. The new menus for Mar-May 2009 are ready and dates have been finalized with the respective CCs. For 2009, we try to do menus according to various known food seasons throughout the year. I hope everyone will be able to make it to some of the up coming classes below. Looking forward to receiving your support once again!

Culinary regards
Chef Eric Low

Up Coming New Workshops in Focus: March 09
Available this month in:

Epicurean Workshop Menu 11 Featuring:
A) Charsiew Flavoured Duck Breast with Spring Onion and Cucumber Crepes
B) Wine Poached Fish Filet with Crispy Garlic and Truffle Soy Sauce
C) Caramelised Lychees with Lychee Liquer and Vanilla Ice cream
Ulu Pandan CC 14/03/09 Saturday 1030-1300
Cairnhill CC 21/03/09 Saturday 1030-1300

Chef Yong Personal Favourites Workshop Menu 9 Featuring:

A) Salt & Pepper Prawn with Crispy Garlic Topping
B) Pork Ribs with Malt Chinkiang Vinegar Glaze
C) Ginger Chicken & Mushroom Baked Rice
Cairnhill CC 07/03/09 Saturday 1030-1300
Tampines West CC 23/03/09 Monday 1930-2200
Serangoon CC 24/03/09 Tuesday 1930-2200
Marine Parade CC 26/03/09 Thursday 1930-2200
Ulu Pandan CC 28/03/09 Saturday 1030-1300
Pasir Ris East CC 15/03/09 Sunday 1030-1300
Siglap CC 29/03/09 Sunday 1030-1300

Up Coming Repeating Workshops in Focus: March 09
Available this month in:

American Dream Workshop Menu 1 Featuring:
A) BBQ Smokey Orange Flavour Pork Rib
B) Home Made Spicy Wedges with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
C) Real Coleslaw with Pickles
Sengkang CC 11/03/09 Wednesday 1930-2200
Cairnhill CC 20/03/09 Friday 1930-2200
Pasir Ris East 17/03/09 Tuesday 1930-2200

American Dream Workshop Menu 2 Featuring:
A) Caesar Salad with Crispy Bacon and Herbed Croutons
B) New York Style Buffalo Wings with Coriander Dip
C) Pacific Dory with Coriander and Green Chili Salsa
Pasir Ris East CC 03/03/09 Tuesday 1930-2200
Marine Parade CC 05/03/09 Thursday 1930-2200
Cairnhill CC 07/03/09 Saturday 1400-1630
Tampines West CC 09/03/09 Monday 1930-2200

Chef Yong Personal Favourites Recipe Workshop 1 Featuring:
A) Mum’s Curry Chicken Recipe
B) Tauhu Telor with Home Made Kicap Manis
C) Punggol Style Seafood Mee Goreng
Serangoon CC 10/03/09 Tuesday 1930-2200
Sengkang CC 18/03/09 Wednesday 1930-2200
Cairnhill CC 20/03/09 Friday 1930-2200

Chef Yong’s Personal Favourites Recipes Workshop 4 Featuring:
A) Beef Rendang
B) Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken Patties with Calamansi Pickled Onions
C) Nasi Goreng Belachan Istimewa
Sengkang CC 25/03/09 Wednesday 1930-2200
Cairnhill CC 27/03/09 Friday 1930-2200
Ulu Pandan CC 28/03/09 Saturday 1400-1700

Epicurean Delights Workshop 7

A) Chilled Tofu with XO Sauce, Crispy Ginger
B) Chili Crab Spaghetti
C) Stuffed Chicken Leg with Porcini Mushrooms and Pistachio Nuts, Port Wine Sauce
Siglap CC 01/03/09 Sunday 1030-1300
Cairnhill CC 13/03/09 Friday 1930-2200
Ulu Pandan CC 14/03/09 Saturday 1430-1700
Marine Parade CC 19/03/09 Thursday 1930-2200

Italian Pasta Workshop 1 with Italian Sauces

A) Pasta Amatriciana (Bacon, Onion, Fresh Tomato Sauce, Parmesan Cheese
B) Linguine ala Vongole Bianco (Fresh Clams, Garlic, Olive Oil and White Wine)
C) Penne with Smoked Salmon and Zucchini (Smoked Salmon, Zuchini, Fresh Cream, Parmesan Cheese and Herbs)
Tampines West CC 30/03/09 Monday 1930-2200
Pasir Ris East CC 31/03/09 Tuesday 19300-2200

Please refer to below for guide to online registration. Remember u earn double bonus points for your Passion Cards with every online registration

How to register online:

Search the respective CC of your choice.
Click “courses” search via calendar and look for “Gourmet Cooking with Chef Yong”
Check that menu written on Remarks column is the same as this brochure
Make registration from there with confirmation through payment via credit card.

Registration Via Any CC nearest to you:

First please go online via the self use computer stations at the CC u are in to look for the course at the other CC’s website.
Note the course code number below workshop title, it should read C2007xxxx
Over the counter, quote the CC of your choice, date of workshop and course code number to the customer service officer. Payment must be done immediately upon registration or transaction will be void.

Important Notice:
*No Phone reservations allowed.
**Registration online without payment after 3 working days may result in your name being automatically delisted from CC’s attendance list. As such, the CC reserves the right to open up the space to the next participant with confirmation through immediate payment. In the event of a fully booked class, admission will be at the discretion of the CC and Instructor.

**Please always check and bring your printed receipt on the day of workshop in case of any discrepancies that may arise. Only valid receipts will be accepted by CCs.

For pictures of the recipes cooked in the recent workshops, please click here.

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