Friday, March 2, 2012

Upcoming Baking Workshops in March and April 2012

Having fun and learn new baking ideas both savoury and sweet in our first two new menus for 2012!

Please register online where possible.

How to register online:
1. Website:

2. Search the respective CC of your choice.

3. Click “courses” search via calendar and look for class based on the above time table.

4. Check that menu written on Remarks column is the same as this brochure

5. Make registration from there with confirmation through payment via credit card.

Registration Via Any CC nearest to you:
1. First please go online via the self use computer stations at the CC u are in to look for the course at the other CC’s website.

2. Note the course code number below workshop title.

3. Over the counter, quote the CC of your choice, date of workshop and course code number to the customer service officer. Payment must be done immediately upon registration or transaction will be void.

Important Notice:

*No Phone reservations allowed.

**Registration online without payment after 3 working days may result in your name being automatically delisted from CC’s attendance list. As such, the CC reserves the right to open up the space to the next participant with confirmation through immediate payment. In the event of a fully booked class, admission will be at the discretion of the CC and Instructor.